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  • Business Model for Strategic Collaboration on Virtual Services
  • Allow technopreneurs to garner the support services without physically located at the incubator’s premise
  • Support services and facilitation are done via online and offline
  • Platform to network and share resources among local and international incubators/incubatees


Prestigious address as their business correspondence

Mail and parcel management

SMS or email notification

Local fax number which able to receive and transmit fax

Hot-desking & co-working space

Shared facilities

Access to equipment, machinery and testing

Access to IP, Market & Technology database


Perfecting our current ecosystem that does not have any internal fund to develop and nurture its SMEs who has high potential to growth. With the inclusion of the seed fund in its ecosystem, it would be able to increase the chance for the SMEs to succeed in their business venture.

As a catalysts for the development of innovative technopreneurs with commercially viable business models which shall result in increase of job opportunities, improvement of income opportunities for SMEs

Providing technoprenuers of TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd and TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd a revolving working capital that will cause a multiplier effect resulting from the recurring businesses generated which will improve performance of SMEs


Fund Type

Non-collateral Soft Loan (Licensed under the Money Lender Act 1951).

Fund Amount

Maximum of RM50,000.00 for each fund receiver (revolving).

Fund Tenor

It is up to 12 months from the date of approval. Extensions for a second year may be granted subject to performance and eligibility review.

Profit rate Charges

3% per annum calculated daily using flat rate method.

Use of Fund

ONLY for making direct payment on behalf of the client on the invoices owed to TPM’s Subsidiaries for the Contract Manufacturing Services rendered.

Technopreneurs Exit Incentive

The final repayment including finance charges would be convertible to the grant subjected the client has achieved the targeted KPI of the ‘annual revenue threshold’ of RM 500,000 from the effective date of the funding agreement.