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TPM IT continues to provide reliable network security utilising state-of-the-art infrastructure that had been successfully installed under the RMK 9 initiatives – answering the government's call to realise potentials in continuing to promote the development of shared services and outsourcing industry.

TPM IT ventures into business opportunities by marketing niche IT products and services. This is achieved by collaborating with selected technopreneurs who have specialized product and services while capitalizing TPM's branding and connection in the government sector. Not only the collaboration helps the technopreneurs to grow but it also assists them in creating market awareness of their products.

TPM IT strives to complement functionally as an ICT Partner or Alliance in SME Development and Value Added System Integration with all tenant companies and Government agencies on IT Business Development, Network Management and Project Management.

IT Business Development develops and spearheads aggressive marketing of consultancy services, focusing on offshore opportunities and government tenders. It also conducts in-depth research studies on industry's best practices and domain knowledge, in relation to business technology development and standard.

The Network Management Unit is the service arm of the IT network and infrastructure at TPM. It manages all internet related services, Local Area Networks (LAN), Internet access, fiber connectivity, web hosting and server co-location, together with PC support maintenance and Helpdesk coordination. This unit manages the complex networking installed based, multi faceted infrastructure, design, process and services. It evaluates and reviews the infrastructure topology, apart from developing, and renewing the network contingency plan, security processes when required. The network engineers support the network advocacy group, maintain the log of network activities and ensure that the proper network redundancy is in place and in effect at all times.

Technopreneurs in TPM are now able to enjoy the upgraded Next Generation Network (NGN) via the Metro Ethernet (Metro-e) that run on a dual ring fibre backbone, which ensures high capacity, high redundancy and high availability network to the entire TPM campus. The infrastructure is specifically designed to be modular, flexible and resilient – ensuring that technopreneurs and businesses within the campus have access to the integrated services.

One of TPM IT's core competencies are Project Management and Solution Integration, catering to clients with dilemmas and queries on the software, hardware, networking, and telecommunication areas. TPM IT has been awarded several projects with the government such as MACRES Ground Receiving Station (MGRS), Satellite Image Atlas Computer System (SAM)with Malaysian Centre for Remote Sensing (MACRES), computerization development with Jabatan Perkhidmatan Kajicuaca Malaysia (JPKM),consultancy services for TPM Academy eLibrary Systems, and Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) in managing and leading the project of e-Nelayan Subsidy Management System (eNSMS).

For more info, visit TPM IT website: tpmit.com.my

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