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Centre for Technology Commercialisation
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Where high tech happens

The Centre for Technology Commercialisation (CTC) is dedicated to stimulate the needs of the country's key stakeholders in harnessing technology for wealth creation. Universities, research institutes, venture financiers, technopreneurs, intellectual property specialists, governmental regulators, researchers, business entities and industry players will come together at CTC to make technology commercialization a reality.

The future of great ideas

The CTC offers advisory and consultancy services in facilitating technology transfer, R&D commercialization, project management, strategic IP management advice, market research and opportunity analysis as well as professional development programs to increase commercial potential of projects.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

CTC is working with the Innovation and Commercialization Division of MOSTI towards the commercialization of products developed through R&D activities sponsored by the Ministry, by way of MOSTI/TPM Products Commercialization Prospecting Sessions. CTC's Project Monitoring Team (PMT) has also been appointed by MOSTI to manage and monitor grants given out under the Technofund, Sciencefund and Innofund grants. These grants are for the Biotechnology, Agriculture and Industry Clusters, to encourage development of new products for commercialization.

CTC Impacts

  • Equipped with experienced managers, CTC's service offerings include the facilitation of business matching for start-ups and early stage enterprises for the following:
  • Conducting market survey for companies intending to embark on new product development recognizing the importance of knowing which features are needed or often used by customers and what kind of support they require.
  • Organizing roundtable discussions with relevant technical and business experts to develop the best possible strategies and bringing new intellectual insight for specific business enhancements.
  • Sourcing of experts and advisory personnel to be part of organizations that require such services on specific needs or retainer basis.
  • Developing links between institutes of higher learning, Government R&D institutions, funding organizations and Government implementing agencies - parties that form the research and innovation value chain.

Have a look at the list of MOSTI Technofund and Sciencefund projects that we monitor, via the links below:

List Date Link
PEMANDU, Education NKEA, EPP9 29th February 2012 Click Here
2nd MOSTI/TPM/MDec Products Commercialisation Prospecting Session 25th August 2009 Click Here
1st MOSTI/TPM Products Commercialisation Prospecting Session 21st May 2009 Click Here

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