Area 57

Taking Your Innovations to a New Altitude

Area 57 provides an integrated infrastructure and facilities to UAS innovators, developers and manufacturers. Get support in every step of the drone development lifecycle from design, testing to service and maintenance stage all under one roof.

Who Should be at Area 57

Drone Communities

  • Drone and UAS Operators
  • Drone Developers and Manufacturers
  • Drone Maintenance & Repair Service Providers

Industry Partners

  • Certification & Training Providers
  • Investors

Government Agencies

  • Regulators
  • Government Authorities

Area 57 at a Glance

Testing and Certification
Our Services
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Research & Development
Engagement With Authorities and Regulators
Community Engagement

5 Things Area 57 are Elevating

Number of certified drone pilots, operators and technicians

Number of potential homegrown UAS/drone products

Job creations for pilot, operators, developers, trainers, technicians

Cost reduction in UAS/drone services and maintenance

One-Stop-Centre for drone communities

Infrastructure and Facilities

  • UAV/Drone Hangar
  • UAV/Drone Runaway
  • Netted Flying Area
  • Drone Testing Mockup Sites
  • Design and Simulation Lab and Equipment
  • Prototype Development Manufacturing Equipments
  • Services and Maintenance workshop
  • Training Classroom and Practical Lab
  • Testing and Certification Facilities and Drone Living Lab 
  • Club house
  • Offices

and More to Come!

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Be Part of the Revolution. Let’s Take Off Together.

Area 57, Technology Park Malaysia

57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia