JOHOR BHARU, DEC. 13 – Existing and budding Johorean entrepreneurs and technopreneurs wishing to penetrate the global markets can rely on the infrastructure, facilities and services of Malaysia’s leading technology park, Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM) to successfully realize their aspirations.

The Kuala Lumpur-based Ministry of Finance-owned company operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. It is the only fourth generation incubation model that offers specialized advisory and a comprehensive and integrated entrepreneurship and technopreneurship development programme.

Established since 1996, TPM is noted as the driver of science, technology and innovation. It has been playing an instrumental role in the development of technopreneurs and entrepreneurs in the industry clusters of biotechnology and life sciences, incubation services, advanced engineering, ICT and renewable energy.

TPM is the first incubator in Malaysia to offer its virtual incubation services known as “ADVISE” which was launched in 2015. This highly affordable virtual incubation service is ideal for startups and enterprises that are constrained by capital outlay. It enables them to enjoy all the relevant handholding, mentoring and entrepreneurial and business programmes without the need to be physically present at TPM’s campus.

To date, TPM has assisted more than 3,000 individuals and SMEs in the mandated industry clusters. Total investments in terms of providing world class infrastructure and a comprehensive eco-system to these businesses are in excess of RM1 billion.

Participating in the two-day Hari MISI Inovasi Bisnes Johor Corporation on 13 & 14 December 2017, TPM aims to share information on its various facilities, services and programmes available to the small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) toward empowering them on achieving economic success.

Speaking at a seminar entitled Collaboration Opportunities with TPM in Nurturing Innovative and High Impact Entrepreneurs, Puan Ema Ukhtiah Zakaria, Head of TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd, said TPM is duty bound to guide and help new start-up entrepreneurs or companies to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and tools to capitalize on business opportunities from the initial ideation stage to the final stage of commerialisation.

“With our world-class infrastructure, facilities and capabilities, the entire process involves a structured program from ideation and incubation right to the final stage where they are export-ready to penetrate the international markets.

“Apart from the facilities and services, TPM also assist its incubatees on funding assistance for their projects on R&D and commercialisation. As you can appreciate, start-ups usually have capital constraints. Hence, we have to provide all the business coaching and handholding programmes to guide them on the realities of the business world.

“Our contribution to the national economy has been overwhelming, especially at the grassroots level. As of 2016, the total income generated by SMEs reached more than RM 6.2 billion, contributing about 1.2% to our national GDP,” she added.

Also participating at the exhibition alongside with TPM are Johor-based Pelangi Network Sdn Bhd, an incubatee under the ADVISE programme.

Pelangi Network Sdn Bhd, a TERAJU SUPERB winner in 2015, is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of chocolate products and beverages which are retailed under the brand name of Go-JB. Its products and beverages are also exported to Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam as well as distributed to schools.

Among the awards and accolades won by Pelangi Network were the Top 20 Johor Brand 2017, Johor Young Agpropreneur Award 2016, SUPERB Winner Series 2/2015 and National Winner of Chocolate Innovation HPPNK 2015.

Technology Park Malaysia Sdn Bhd, an agency of MOSTI, has an integrated infrastructure, facilities and support services to assist technopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are keen to commercialize their ideas in the four industry clusters, namely, ICT, Engineering, Biotechnology and Green Technology.

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