KUALA LUMPUR, JUNE 8 – TPM Engineering Sdn Bhd (TPME), the engineering arm of Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM), has been awarded a systems integration enhancement project by one of Japan’s leading hard disk manufacturers, Kobe Precision Technology Sdn Bhd (KPTec) recently.

The systems integration enhancement project would involve the re-engineering of KPTec’s Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines by upgrading its precision machining capabilities and additional quality measurement features. It also involves the application of new programmable logic controller (PLC) system and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

KPTec Penang is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Kobe Steel Ltd, Japan. It is currently the largest independent supplier of aluminum ground substrate in the world, which is used as the primary high-capacity storage medium for digital data.

TPM President/CEO Datuk Ir. Mohd Azman Shahidin said the project was secured following the successful evaluation of TPME’s engineering solutions and services capability based on the stringent quality control and high benchmark set by KPTec on the initial pilot project that was delivered in September 2017.

“The systems integration project is expected to run over a two-year period whereby we are expecting to retrofit more than 20 units of CNC machines and over 50 units of Internal Diameter-Outside Diameter (IDOD) Checker machines.

“TPME’s expertise and engineering skills in undertaking the systems integration project would contribute substantial cost savings for KPTec apart from extending the life span of its existing machines as against the procurement of similar new machines,” he said.

Taking cue of the rapid revolutionary trends in the industrial and engineering sector since late 1990s, Azman further added that TPME has conscientiously taken positive measures to remain at the forefront of the advanced engineering technology during the tenure of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s premiership.

“We have over the past two decades proven our capability as an enabler and instrument for stimulating innovation and technology–led economic development for wealth creation and societal well-being. In addition, we are able to facilitate research & development, innovation and commercialization activities through provision of advanced engineering infrastructure, equipment and facilities.”

Meanwhile, TPME General Manager, Dr. Mohd. Zaihirain Mohd Rasin said that with the rise of the digital economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) where industrial automation and disruption of technologies offer the opportunity for faster production rate and lower costs, it is critical for industries to adopt these technologies to remain competitive and to maintain their sustainability.

“These industrial and technological developments had prompted TPME to develop its own Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) where its technical specifications are compliant to meet the Industry 4.0 requirements.

“In our efforts to provide the necessary assistance to relevant stakeholders, TPM has an established Centre for Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) since 1998. This is to encourage and heighten the development of indigenous technology for FMS that includes integration of robots in manufacturing,” he explained.

The Centre has extensive operating and maintenance experience of robotics and FMS, system integration and training in the areas of robotics and FMS to a wide range of industries. Our current ongoing projects are designing a new FMS and new robotic systems for assisted recovery and rehabilitation.

With its credentials and expertise as among one of the pioneers in the local robotics industry, TPME is confident of providing the necessary solutions to all stakeholders in the relevant industries and research institutions. It has the capability and capacity to assist entrepreneurs and technopreneurs who are keen to expand their business horizon in the robotics industry and/or engineering sectors.

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