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Securemetric Goes IPO

Securemetric jumps 120% on ACE market debut

PETALING JAYA: Digital security solutions provider Securemetric Bhd saw its share price jump 80% at the opening bell on its debut on the ACE market, before climbing further to 55 sen earlier. It was the most actively traded stock today, with some 93.4 million shares traded. Securemetric offers digital security products and solutions, including software licensing protection, two-factor authentication solution (2FA), public key infrastructure (PKI) and authentication management systems. The company which raised RM17 million from its initial public offering plans to use RM5.7 million for development of new digital security solutions, RM5.2 million for working capital and RM1.7 million for business expansion.

Source: The Sun Daily

Up Close & Personal with MD, Custommedia

Since its establishment in 1991, Pn Mastura spearheads Custommedia into becoming the industry leader and led the establishment of the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) which drives and represents the industry’s interests in software quality assurance in Malaysia. In this interview, TPM asks Pn Mastura her views on the software engineering industry in Malaysia in general and where she sees its heading in the next five years.

What were your contribution to the advancement of creativity and innovation in the software engineering in Malaysia? Could you share some of the effort that Custommedia has taken to engage and share its expertise with the local industry? 

Custommedia has been actively involved in the promotion of good Software Quality Assurance(SQA) practice and often shared its knowledge and expertise with industry members. Custommedia led the industry movement on software quality which led to the establishment of Malaysian Software Testing Board, an industry-driven national body which represents the industry’s interests in software quality assurance and promotion of software testing as a profession.

Custommedia also provided the thought-leadership to MSTB towards fulfilling its role to spearhead the ideation, strategizing, planning and implementing the Malaysia Software Testing Hub (MSTH), a public-private collaborative economic development initiative which aims to develop software testing industry as a new source of economic growth for Malaysia.

What would you say are the key elements that make Custommedia different from others? What was your biggest success and failure?

Custommedia believes in delivering quality in ALL of its business offerings. The company has developed and institutionalized quality management system (QMS) that put in place mechanisms to ensure that development and delivery of projects/products/services comply to international standards and/or best industry practices. This is recognized internationally through ISO and TMMi certifications.

  • Custommedia has been an ISO 9001-certified entity since 1999, and the certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017 with a certification scope of “Software Engineering Services”.
  • Custommedia attained TMMi Level-5 (highest level) certification in 2016.
  • Custommedia has also created IPs in terms of products, technologies and methodologies, and put in place mechanisms to ensure the IPs are protected and acquired knowledge is well captured and remain within the company, even as employees come and go.

In your opinion, what would be the changes in the market patterns mainly in the software engineering in Malaysia and globally within the next five years?

Market globalization with continue and quality of products and services, as well as compliance to international and /or industry standards, will become crucial factor for companies to remain relevant in the market.

The advent of advanced and sophisticated technology applications such as IoT, Smart Cities, BlockChain, among others, will drive the need for high level of quality and integrity of enabling components including software, hardware, devices and networks. For software organisations and practitioners, this will necessitate thorough understanding, competency and application of globally-recognized SQA and end-to-end testing practices.

Finally,  Custommedia has conducted its business operations in TPM since 1997. What made you chose to stay in TPM?

We heard about TPM through our business associates and felt like TPM was the right place to grow in. We were attracted to the intent of TPM which was to groom local technology companies. This was inline with the vision of CMSB to become a world class company. There were also talks about business networking and latching to TPM’s global network of technology hubs and other technology innovators (domestic & international).

Location wise, TPM is ideally situated within Kuala Lumpur and close to Cyberjaya. And we were attracted that TPM has a wide range of office units with various sizes– it allowed us the flexibility of starting with a small unit fitting a start up along with the possibility of expansion in the future. Lastly, TPM’s management is accessible and always open for suggestions for improvement – they make us feel welcome and very much part of the park and its vision!

Would you recommend TPM to other technology companies? What other features would you suggest that will help improve TPM as the most ideal business centre?

Yes, I would.  As TPM is part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, locally and internationally, I would love to see more exchange platforms take place that would allow its community to interact and take advantage of TPM’s network. Say, regular networking events or business matching sessions. I’m sure the community would welcome such effort.

Meet our Malaysian Commercialisation Year Winners

Biopro Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd won the Commercial Deal Award Category for its product DERMAGs Skin Care. The product uses alpha-mangosteen, a type of organic compound isolated from parts of the mangosteen tree to develop a whitening cream. For more info, check out their website at https://dermags.com.my.

Anderes Fourdy Sdn Bhd won the Emerging Innovator Award with its own innovation, the Emergency Evacuation System that helps identify victims trapped inside buildings during emergency evacuations. For more information go to www.anderesfourdy.com

Precision Agriculture Robotics Sdn Bhd took home the consolation award for the Emerging Innovator category for its STRIX Nest Fully Autonomous Unmanned Aerial System and Ground Sensors. The product assists stakeholders collect agricultural data and aquaculture at a low cost.

All winners are incubatees at TPM’s Innovation Incubation Centre. Congratulations from us in TPM and keep the flag flying high!

Surviving Entrepreneurship

How Does Incubation Mitigate Business Risks?

For more information, contact:

Amir Rohaizat

Surviving Entrepreneurship: Breaking International Market

TPM organized a sharing session on breaking international markets for its entrepreneurs in August 2018. For those who missed it, here are some of the most important takeaways from the session.

Factors to consider before expanding to international market

  • What is the structure of an International company and its shareholding procedural requirement.
  • What are  the licencing requirements?
  • What are the costs involved and what would be the best global pricing strategy you should take for your product to stay relevant and competitive in the market?
  • What is the currency rates and its value against USD?
  • What is the procedures and policy available if you opt for funds repatriation?
  • Is there availability of local expertise and suppliers?
  • Political risks study
  • Supply chain complexity.

How to Enter Indonesia

  • Important to select your own legal firm (notaries) to prepare business agreement and please make sure you have full grasps of the agreement’ contents.
  • Don’t fully rely on your Indonesian partner.
  • Get the right partner that understand very well on import/export rules and regulations and industry standard testing and certifications.
  • Understand clearly the actual cost in setting up a company in Indonesia
  • Do the right thing the first time by engaging reliable Notaries. If things happen“don’t spend good money to chase bad money”

Government Incentives for Internationalisation

Under  SIRIM’s Market Access Consultancy Services initiative, SMEs can apply service grant up to RM50k per company to perform product testing, training and international certification requirement study. The objective of this initiative is to provide SMEs an early assistance in preparing products to meet international industry standards and also to equip SMEs with the knowledge of product quality and reliability through laboratory testing procedures. For more info, visit http://www.sirimsts.my/macp